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The Gardens

Bringalbit nestles in a gentle fold of landscape just below a high point in the rolling granite hills inland from the Great Dividing Range and some 30 kms NNW of Mt. Macedon, Victoria.

This area was over-cleared for grazing many years ago, so the few remnant Peppermint Gums, Yellow Box and Manna Gums fail tobreak the winds.  Fortunately the garden is well protected on three sides by huge old confers, willow and poplar thickets, Monterey pines and Osage trees, nearly all planted in the 19th century.

The climate is harsh with hot dry summers, cold wet winters of frequent cracking frosts, occasional snow falls and a strong southerly wind.

A small creek rising nearby feeds a couple of dams and the garden lake before cascading down it’s rocky falls below the spillway.
The granite soil is well drained and particularly fertile due to a long and continuous build up of humus from massive oaks and other deciduous trees.

Defined by Mahogany Gums, a kilometre long gravel drive sweeps through rolling pastures drawing the visitor to the garden oasis that enfolds Bringalbit Homestead.

This secluded 4 hectare garden has it’s roots literally in the 19th century, so that first and lasting impressions are of scale, maturity and space.  The extensive 19th century stone house sits well in it’s surroundings as if it grew naturally from the earth.

Quarried on the property, lichen covered granite and mellow honey coloured stone has also been used in garden walls, steps,
terracing, creek fords and lake spillway.  Unity, continuity and a sense of place are words that spring to mind.

Fencing strategy ensures that significant views through the garden to beautiful surrounding landscapes remain in tact.   Bringalbit garden comprises many facets and contrasts.

The rich heritage of mature conifers and oaks in an English park-like setting complete with lake forms a tranquil backdrop for the more recent and colourful plantings carefully carried out to scale.  A stunning crab-apple walk rises from a 50 metre perennial double border where gentle shades of mauve, white and pink spring blooms magically give way to the summer blazing white and blue agapanthus, lemon evening primrose and red hot pokers.
This sun-loving area of the garden features many silver foliaged Mediterranean plants that provide on-going definition also to a nearby 60metre Quince Walk that delights in Spring and Autumn.

Elsewhere in the garden swathes of roses, lavender, dianthus and gaura soak up the sun on the north facing terraces with their silver foliage context of snow-in-summer edging.

To lead the eye to the start of the Lake Walk the embankment of an old tennis court has been mass planted with deep roses, salvias and agapanthus.

Bringalbit is a unique part of Australia’s rural history.  The 1870′s stone homestead, the woolshed, stables and outbuildings are aremainder of times past.  The huge old trees, ornamental lake and delightful gardens provide a rare setting of peace and tranquility.


The Parkland and Gardens at Bringalbit are open on weekends (10am – 4pm) or by appointment

$5 per Adult, Children free

Coaches welcome – morning, afternoon tea and luncheons need to be pre-booked.

Wonderful venue for small, fully-catered conferences.

Weddings/functions can be catered for – marquee available.