About Bringalbit

Bringalbit is a stunning old property with something for everyone to enjoy. The highland cattle and are a constant delight for visitors, as are the peacocks. Wandering through the garden, along the lake and through the olive grove you may discover discover ducks, guinea fowl, wild wallaby’s and menagerie of other farm animals.Bringalbit nestles in a gentle fold of landscape just below a high point in the rolling granite hills inland from the Great Dividing Range and some 30 kms NNW of Mt. Macedon, Victoria.

This area was over-cleared for grazing many years ago, so the few remnant Peppermint Gums, Yellow Box and Manna Gums fail to break the winds. Fortunately the garden is well protected on three sides by huge old confers, willow and poplar thickets, Monterey pines and Osage trees, nearly all planted in the 19th century.