About Susan Fox

A love of art and gardening

I lived in Beechworth form 1973 – 1990 and ran the Buckland Gallery.  This became a wonderful destination for Art and Craft connoisseurs from all over Australia and helped put Beechworth on the tourist map.

Prior to this I had been an Art / Craft teacher in boys Technical Schools…an enlightening experience!

Our home in Beechworth was called the Hedge House because of a huge surrounding cypress hedge. The house was built in 1866 and we developed the garden into a romantic haven filled with roses, perennials and birches. So after this enclosed paradise it was very hard to come to Bringalbit and try to restore a large exposed area with little water and harsh weather conditions.

My love of art and gardening have been passions all my life.

Now at Bringalbit I enjoy meeting guests from all over the world and am still astounded by what people do with their lives.

Susan's Art

Susan Fox paints at Bringalbit. She draws inspiration from these lovely natural surroundings, often using botanical specimens, birds, animals and the landscape for her paintings and drawings.